Designing a logo

Logo Header

We're a bit of a secretive bunch, but we've been trying a bit lately to let folk in and see our "process". There's no secret really, we just tend to iterate a lot and generally try do the best work we can in the quickest time possible, without sacrificing quality. What we do first may not always be right, but we take cues and some times incorporate them into the next iteration until we're happy. So today I'm going to try show you how we do nearly all our design work through the evolution of the Super Mexican Standoff logo.  


First stab - We were in a rush.

It was about 6 in the morning and didn't have much time to come up with a logo. We were in the last few hours of Gamecraft's 24 hour game jam and just needed something. So we took inspiration from the Mexican flag and incorporated its colours into the logo. We also wanted the logo to be kind of pixelated, so I looked up a font on and used "Pixel Dead", added an outline and that bullet hole and we were good to go. Done in 10 minutes.  In the end it served it's purpose and we won the Best Presentation category, but I'm sure it had nothing to do with the logo.

SMSO Small

Redesign 1 - We had a bit more time

One of the first changes we made after Gamecraft was the logo. Brendan was busy re-doing the sprites and their death animations and Kieran was busy incorporating a bunch of new multiplayer modes, so I took a stab at it. I liked the idea, but wasn't so sure it would work/fit in with the theme of the game. I liked the font but not the colour. Time to move on.


Iterate on redesign 1 - Test with menu mock up

While I liked the overall look of the previous design, I didn't think it would fit in too well with the game. It seemed a bit too "serious" and a tad too cluttered and busy. So I removed the guns at the top and changed the sizing a little. I also mocked up an image for the main menu to see how it would look in context. I liked it, but it needed more colour. With me being red - green colour blind, maybe we should bring Bren back in to do something with the colouring.


dubLUDO build logo - 2 weeks later

Brendan liked the look of the guns at the top so brought them back in. We were also running out of time so he didn't have much time to experiment with the colours. The Mexican flag colours have made a return, but in a highlight more than the actual colour of the text.


Iterate on dubLUDO logo - now in 3d....kinda

With a bit more time Brendan found some colours that he liked and went with them. The font also stayed the same, however a bit more time was spent in giving the logo a 3D look. Instead of the big guns, some horns were put at the top and bottom to fill out the logo along with some bullet holes. Both Hi-Res and pixel-art version were done of this logo, but it's hard to tell the difference at the above size. It's starting to come along, but it's missing something.


Final logo - extra juicy!

That's a bit more like it! The background has been filled in to give the logo a more solid look. A bloodied bandage was added to the 'A' (thanks Ed) and a highlight now wipes from left to right. The horns also animate to make the logo a bit more alive. We were going to fake the pixelated look, but it didn't look right or fit the look of the game, so Brendan completely re-did the logo pixel by pixel. Overall we're now very happy with the logo and feel it fits the game perfectly.


It may seem like a drawn out process and in some cases it is, however we feel the final logo is now of a sufficiently high standard that we can now move on from it. We see it as one of the first things the player will see about the game, so it's important to get it right. It also conveys what the actual game is through the name and its visuals (a 16-bit era Mexican standoff game).

The logo is now ready to include in promotional materials such as leaflet and t-shirts etc. so it was worth taking the time out to get it done early in the development process.

Tune in next time to see how we turn this:


  into a character select screen!