LoPoly Weekly Update 03/05/04

Weekly Update1

The sexy lumberjack photoshoot edition

Menus menus menus

I think Brendan has become an expert at UI and menus over the past week. Between sexy loading screens and a fully fleshed out and functioning storefront, he's been on a roll. It's by no means finished, but it's getting there and looking great.  We've shown the UI to some of the other teams in the building and the word "beautiful" and other such adjectives have been thrown about. This pleases us as we know we're heading in the right direction, but we'll see exactly how intuitive they are once we get the game in the hands of testers.

I also think this is another particular area we should analyse in much greater detail after the game is finished. Particularly because of how Brendan has chosen to use the Playmaker and 2d Tookit Unity plugins, instead of the likes of UI Toolkit or the popular NGUI plugin.  Unity's built in GUI solution is terrible. Just thought I'd put that in there. Cause, like, it really is.

Anyway, Kieran has also been pretty busy despite being very sick since last Friday. Save states are now in along with asynchronous loading. Which basically means the game will automatically save your progress and all your store purchases, as well as load all content during the splash screens (which I went into detail about last week).


For most of the week I've been re-learning a lot of stuff I had forgotten in Sony Vegas, while also learning some new compositing tricks that I thought I'd only be able to achieve in After Effects. It's looking OK at the moment. In fact it's quite rough in a lot of places, but there are some elements I'm quite happy about. Namely this:

As soon as we get more art into the playable build I'll start adding some gameplay footage into the trailer and it should start to take shape.

ET Found!

Last weekend a bunch of documentarians found ET in the desert of New Mexico. No, not real aliens. I'll let our friend Evan Broderick explain it better:

"Atari made more copies of the ET game for the 2600 system than there were 2600 systems, anticipating huge demand because the film was massively popular. 

If this wasn't insane enough, the game turned out to be of an absolutely abysmal quality because it was made by one guy in a month-and-a-half and released almost 6 months after the film. Noone bought the game and the massive rush of people buying the console never happened because anyone who wanted one already had one.

This cost Atari so much money that it brought the company to its knees and ended the videogame fad, nearly killing the entire industry itself. It wouldn't recover until the NES released in the West five years later in 1987.

The urban legend went that the massive surplus of carts were dumped in a landfill in New Mexico. Microsoft decided to go looking for them for some reason and well, it's not a legend anymore."

Anyway, whats all this got to do with our weekly blog? Well, since I'm one of the very few people to have played the game in recent years (I'll play anything), I agreed to an interview about the game on Monday with Joe Griffin from the Sunday Business Post, even though I had very little to say about the game other than it's genuinely really, very bad.

To follow up with the interview a photographer came along yesterday to take my picture for the article, which led to many questions from the other teams in here. So depending on our mood I was either in a newspaper article, or I was posing for a sexy lumberjack magazine.

If you want to see more of my sexy poses keep an eye out for the article in this weekends edition of the Sunday Business Post. Till next week...