LoPoly Weekly Update 04/04/14

Weekly Update1

Week 3 of the epic LoPoly saga...

New game, new pain..

Work continues on our new game and we've been picking up the pace somewhat, but that's not to say there hasn't been more stumbling blocks. Last week you may recall that I said everything was running smoothly and we all gave each other fist bumps and everyone was happy? But what if it wasn't? What if we started simulating lower end devices with less computational grunt? What if we leave the game running on a lower-end tablet for 5 minutes? Everything breaks, that's what.

Kieran has no hair left. He tore it all out in frustration, but luckily he's quite good at this programming thing and everything is not breaking at the moment, even if the device can only run the game a 1 fps. Issues arose because we are not only generating meshes, but also deforming the mesh over time by moving vertices in code. Over a short period of time everything just went out of sync and broke, even more so if the framerate was in any way inconsistent. But it's now fixed. I'd get Kieran to give a full technical explanation, but we may leave that one to a post mortem when the game is done.

Brendan is still busy doing art. For most of the week he's been going over the current assets and creating different variances of whats already in there and adding some juice here and there. Character costumes have also seen some attention this week, but we're not quite sure how we'll implement them. We do have a few ideas though.

Next week we're looking at designing the in-game store. It wont be your typical in-game store with coins and other assorted over-priced stuff. However, things  like "worst value" and "are you really sure you should be buying this" are actual ideas we have for the store.

Bidness is bidness

So other than write this highly entertaining blog every week, I tend to look after all the other stuff that small developers like us have to worry about, such as paperwork, media inquiries, press releases, financial projections etc. I do occasionally get my hands dirty with some game jam stuff and I'm now the de-facto guy who looks after the horrible xcode stuff for getting a game on Apple devices. But generally, most of my day consists of looking after the crap that the other lads shouldn't have to worry about. This week has been no different.

As part of the deal we received from the NDRC when we were invited to participate in Gamepad, we received a feasibility study grant from Enterprise Ireland. Which basically means we receive funding to see if our business can be viable. As with any type of funding there's a lot of paperwork to go along with it and someone needed to complete it. That's where I come in! And that's what I've been doing for most of this week. Not the most fun thing in the world, but something you should expect a lot of if you decide to start your own business.

Other stuff

Our Gamepad buddies Sock Monster, who also happen to sit right behind us and have to listen to us and our filthy mouths everyday, are looking for volunteers! Specifically parents with kids aged between 2 - 6. All they're looking for is to have a chat with you, the parent,  and they are seriously not trying to perform weird mind-control experiments on your kids. Give Kat a shout here or on twitter here.

Bitsmith are also looking to talk to indies about including some of your game in their new game Franknjohn. Imagine if your game was like a Ken doll and theirs was a Barbie doll, what Bitsmith want to do is smush their doll faces together and make kissy kissy noises. Well that's what they told me. Anyway, if you give them a shout on here you can start to make something beautiful and weird together.

That's it for this week. I'll see about getting some secret spy shots of something for next week.