LoPoly Weekly Update 09/05/14

Weekly Update1

"We should put a Kevin Bacon mask on him"

Uh oh, the coffee machine broke

Hoooray! We could actually play our secret game this week without it breaking much! At the very end of last week we merged all the menus, UI and art with the actual game and it kinda broke a few things. Nothing major but it required all of the weekend and most of Tuesday and Wednesday to fix. It's now in a playable state, which is great, as we can now start capturing footage for the trailer and preparing some screenshots for this here blog.     On Thursday we started noticing a significant performance drop in the game after we introduced some new environment obstacles. What was previously running at over 600fps on Kieran's computer was now running at 100fps and all we had done was introduce a new sprite. Luckily we had come across this issue in our previous game (Discman) and Kieran had it fixed in no time (sprite + collider + movement - rigidbody = physics engine explode). Even more performance was later unlocked after we discovered that we had left a script enabled that intentionally limited the framerate. Doh!

Today the coffee machine broke and no more work could be done. Except, maybe a new tutorial screen, most of this blog and some fixes to some of the cameras in the game. All while we could hear a gleeful Pewter Games team behind us play Nidhogg. Feckers.

After the current game and GDC Europe

Yep, we already know what our next game will be after this one, and we'll be bringing it to GDC Europe and Gamescom in August. This gives us 2 months to: ensure our current game works on 4 different platforms, market the current game and release it, concept some more of the new game, model, rig, animate and texture a playable character for the new game, design and build a reasonably sized vertical slice of the new game and have it working in time for the show. It's a lot to do in such a short time, but we reckon we can do it. Now if only that coffee machine wasn't broke.

Anyway, the reason why we're trying to fit all of that into 2 months is because we believe the payoff will be will be worth the effort. We can't really say what that pay of is, but it'll be good for us...even you! Well, maybe.

Till next week, I'll leave you with this little hint (actually it's quite big) of the game we're currently working on. Have a great weekend!