LoPoly Weekly Update 11/04/2014

Weekly Update1

Exciting week!!! **NOW WITH PICTURES AND VINES**

Designing a store

For the past week Brendan and I have been laughing a lot while coming up with ideas for the store and how it will function in the final game. Excel documents have been made (exciting) along with charts, drawings and design documents (even more exciting). All the art for the items are in and animating correctly. They're even hot-swappable in the editor, which is great when we want to test if certain items will work together. Most importantly though, we are looking at things very differently by trying to provide examples of good in app purchases and bad ones. Everything will be in there for a reason, and we think you'll find some of them relatively funny, while providing some commentary on the current state of the mobile games industry.

Meanwhile up in Monaghan... Kieran has been working hard on getting the game actually functioning the way it should. Obstacles and parts of the world are now spawning and scaling correctly, and the game actually plays how it did in the prototype!* Obviously there's a bit of polish left to do, so we'll leave actual gameplay screens till another time. But here's an extreme closeup of our main menu.  


Getting this trailer sorted

So this week I've been busy cutting together a little action packed trailer of our new game for your enjoyment. I have a background in TV production, but haven't done any significant editing work since college. So luckily Giantbomb have a nice little template we can use to create our extreme, explosive, Michael Bay/COD/Battlefield style trailer. Even though the game bears very little resemblance to any of those. Nor is it extreme. It is a little bit explosive though. Expect lots of slo-mo action, explosions and Babe's everywhere.


Playing all the games

Last night we got hands on time with Pewter Games new game, The Little Acre. Even during its early stage where some things aren't working quite as they should, there's clearly a very, very good game there. If you're a fan of  old skool point and click adventures (which you should be) you'll love it. As we said before, go follow them on all your social stuff. We'll even makeit easy for ya.

Till next week, here's a Vine from the menu screen of our new game.

*It's now broken again...