LoPoly Weekly Update 21/03/2014

Weekly Update1

Welcome along to the first of our weekly updates. Each Friday we'll release a weekly update with news on everything (or nearly everything) that went on during the past week, along with some in-depth technical articles that may appeal to the nerd in some of you. So anyway, shall we...

Back in September we received an invitation to join the pilot of a new game-focused programme in the National Digital Research Center (pictured) called "Gamepad". As part of the programme we received funding from the NDRC and Enterprise Ireland along with some sweet office space, mentoring and access to lots of coffee.

This will be our home until at least August, and it really is very nice indeed. If you'd like to see more of the place you can visit www.ndrc.ie and find out more info on all the programs they run.


For those that were aware of us before the beginning of 2014, our site has gone through a major upgrade over the past two weeks. Let's be honest, it wasn't perfect before and it still isn't, but it heading in the direction we want it. There's still a few niggly bits here and there that we're still getting around to, but most of the usability issues have been sorted. If you spot anything that's really very, very broken email me at leecullen@lopoly.com and I'll get it sorted ASAP. I'll also welcome any emails from people saying they like it ;)


Just before Christmas we decided to halt production of Discman in its current form. Ultimately if we were to keep developing the current build that's up on the site, it would mean we've been working on the game for over a year, which kind of contradicts what we wanted to do with the game, which was to show what we can do in a short amount of time. Overall though we're very happy with Discman and the feedback we've received from everyone who's played the game. As a first release from us we think we did alright and any lessons we've learned, and we've learned a lot, will be applied to our future games.

We have a secret or two..

Speaking of future games, Kieran is currently battling a massive memory leak in a secret project we've been working on for the past month (it's now fixed as I type this sentence). It's one of two projects we have in the works and one we think will surprise a lot of people. For what may seem on the surface as a stupid game, and by all accounts it is, there's a message in there that we hope  most of you will get. A message for the future. One that will change the world FOREVER. It's deep like that, man.

We're actually nearing completion on that one, but also have another, rather bigger project in the works that's generating a bit of interest even in it's early state. We'll talk about that one at a later stage.

Anyway, till next week.

Our new home at the NDRC

Our new home at the NDRC