LoPoly Weekly Update 25/04/14

Weekly Update1

Jaysus there's a grand stretch in the evening


All last week we were in overdrive to try get something ready for a local indie get-together called DubLUDO that took place last Saturday. It was the first birthday of the event which is organised monthly by the team at BitSmith and we were looking to make an effort to attend, as we haven't had much time to do so in the past. Unfortunately we hit a few snags and a playable build was off the cards, but that left us with more time to play the other games on show, listen to some talks and catch up with everyone, which is something rarely get to do nowadays. (Pics by Sharon Courtney)

It was great to see the progress that has been made over the past year by all the teams and there were some genuinely excellent games there. My personal favorite was Honourbound by Batcat, a 2D slasher/brawler with a surprisingly deep fighting system and super-tight controls. Brendan was particularly impressed with a mobile game by some Trinity College Students that was designed to show the effects of not washing your hands. We didn't catch the name of the game or the team, but if anyone knows send it on and we'll give you a shout out on next weeks update.

If you'd like to read more on the event, a young Hobbit from Hobbiton documented the entire event for the Australian website, Player Attack.

Maekin dem vidya gamez

Short week this week due to Easter! On Tuesday Kieran spotted another small bug that was impacting the overall gameplay, again causing more sync issues. It was pretty obscure bug that would only happen during certain conditions, but he had that one squashed in about 30 mins and we're all pretty sure that's gonna be the last of our sync issues (we think).

Brendan has been working on transition animations for the main character that play between camera switches. They're kind of loading screens, but not. There's no loading going on, just a camera switch, as all the menus and the actual game are in the one scene. So what we're really doing is hiding whats going on behind the curtain. The overall benefit though is that once the game does its initial load, there's no more loading and restarts are instant, hopefully giving the player a better experience.  Saying that though, we still need a loading screen and Brendan is currently tackling that as I type.

We'll need testers, but not yet

In the next couple of weeks we'll be in need of some testers to try out the game. Due to the sheer volume of Android devices and their different specifications, most of our testing will be on Android and we'll need people with lots of different spec Android phones and tablets to take part. Want to join in? We'll need to know a few things first:

1. Name and age 2. Make and model of your device 3. OS version on your device

Once you have all that handy you can email me at leecullen@lopoly.com and I'll put you on the list. Please note that not all will be accepted and will be based purely on what we need at the time. iOS, Windows Phone 8 and PS Vita testing will all be internal as there's not a million and one variations in their devices.

Anyway that's it for this week. If you're looking to get into making games you should check out this talk by Alexander Bruce (creator of Antichamber) for this years GDC. Much like Indie Game: The Movie, it's required viewing for all aspiring game developers.