LoPoly Weekly Update 28/03/2014

Weekly Update1

Bit of a quiet week this week....

New game

So the menus for our new game are done and looking good. We can't show anything just yet but they do look really, really nice and very much in keeping with the in-game art. Also, early tests on family and friends have elicited  the exact reaction we were looking for, which is the "laugh-and-ask-what-the-hell-is-that" reaction. We're on the right track! Fist bumps all round.

The memory issues that were present in the game last week are now fixed and is working very smoothly using currently only 32MB's of memory instead of 3GB and crashing Unity (hello 64-bit Unity 5). The issue was a relatively simple one to fix and Kieran had it sorted in a matter of minutes. The built in Unity profiler wasn't very helpful in finding the leak but the scripts on this page were. Check em out. We highly recommend you do if you are having memory issues.

Brendan has also been tackling some of the in-game art assets this week. Most of the main character and NPC art has been completed for some time now, so he's  been mostly completing secondary assets such as foliage and props and generally fleshing out the look of the final game. We're very conscious of certain shaders and effects  not working on specific platforms (we're looking at you, Android), but we also want to give the same visual experience on all platforms, which has resulted in a very clean, effects light, look to the final game.

Taking it cheesy, I mean easy

No real website updates this week except for a new section called Slice of Cheese. Again, not much I can say just yet as we may change our minds and remove it, but it'll all make sense soon enough. Even if it doesn't make it, I'll make sure to explain what it was all about at a later date.


We decided against attending GDC this year,  but our friends and office buddies Pewter Games were in attendance and arrived back into the office fresh faced (jet lagged) and bushy tailed (very jet lagged) on Tuesday. They got to meet lots of very influential industry icons and we're really not that jealous of them all that much. Anyway, they seemed to have a blast and got a lot of business done as well, which is how it should be done son! We're sure they'll be talking more about their exploits soon enough so give em a follow them on their social streams, they're doing some really cool stuff.

Anyway, GDC brought with it some announcements that are really exciting for not only small developers like us, but for the industry in general. Unity, Epic and Crytek all announced either new tools or pricing structures that are vastly different to what was previously available. These new pricing structures not only help bring down development costs for established developers, but will allow far more people to get involved and making games with little to no barriers of entry. The tools have never been cheaper or easier to use than they are now, so you have no excuse.

We'll leave you with this. Thanks Geoff for making this particular Vine possible!