LoPoly Weekly Update 31/05/14

Weekly Update1

"500,000 in LoPoly shares / IOU's and €200 in cash. And to sweeten the deal, free chip sambos every Friday along with the occasional doughnut"

Annnnnnnd we're back.

We've been quiet as of late and for good reason. We've been busy and things have changed slightly. Focus on the new game we've been working for for 3 months has shifted, but only temporarily. Why? Well we made a game at a game jam that people really liked (award winning, even?) and we feel that with a little more work it would be a pretty cool game to release. So we are. And we can even talk about it. Cause like, about a 100 people have played it already.

Super Mexican Standoff

Super Mexican Standoff is the game we made for Gamecraft's second birthday game jam in DIT. It was a 24 hour event, but in reality we only had 22 hours to complete the game as 2 hours were required for judging. And we did pretty good, we won the "Best Presentation" category and did pretty well in the peoples choice category. Anyway the game is exactly as it sounds; a standoff game focusing mostly on Mexican gunslingers for up to 8 people... maybe 16 (currently at a maximum of 4).  The game is very simple to play, the rounds are quick and the action is extremely bloody.

Below you can see some of the progress we've made in terms of sprite detail and over-the-top gore:


Want to play it? You can! You'll be able to check it out next Saturday 7th of June if you come along to dubLUDO.  We'll even have our own custom built controller for the event so it should be fun! Speaking of that custom controller, it's coming along nicely:

Controller Template

That's it for this week. We'll be back next week (probably Sunday) with a new update and possibly some video! We'll leave you with this.