The Legend of Danny Crask

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Game Info

The Legend of Danny Crask is a sci-fi themed action/puzzle platformer that takes place in 1980's middle America. Use your power-suit and throwing disc to defeat enemies and solve puzzles across multiple worlds, while trying to piece together the clues as to what happened to your childhood sweetheart on that long dark night. 

Coming soon to PC and Xbox One. More platforms to be announced soon.



Developer Info

LoPoly Games is a small games development studio from Dublin, Ireland. We are supported by the National Digital Research Center (NDRC) and partially funded through the Enterprise Ireland Competitive Start Fund program.

Art, Design, Audio / Brendan Sutton
Design, Code / Kieran Murray
3D, Project Management, Web / Lee Cullen
Music / Russell Cooley

Additional Music and Sound / Clu

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