Status: Unfinished Prototype

Platform: iOS / Android / PC

Genre: Action

PigHole is a parody game we worked on very briefly in 2014. In PigHole you play as a pig (we were thinking Kevin Bacon or Piggy Smalls) trying to escape a small black hole that's sucking everything to the center of the screen. Intended as a parody of mobile games with ridiculous in-app purchases, PigHole features absolutely useless in-app purchases that either make the game worse or impossibly hard. All while telling the player NOT to purchase the items.
The core gameplay mechanic is extremely good however, as it was heavily inspired by Terry Cavanagh's Super Hexagon. Which if we had ever released PigHole, would have recommended you purchase instead.  

PigHole may or may not be Frog Fractions 2