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We Are LoPoly

Founded in 2012, LoPoly Games is a small independent developer from Dublin, Ireland. We make multiplatform hardcore action games for PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. We are a multi-talented, award-winning team of artists, programmers, designers and musicians, with a passion for making games that push the boundaries of what small teams can accomplish.

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Brendan Sutton - Founder, CEO, Artist, Designer, Musician

Kieran Murray - Founder, CTO, Programmer, Designer

Lee Cullen - 3D Artist, Web


Sean Cooley - Musician, Sound Designer

Russell Cooley - Producer, Musician, PR








Discman - Platformer - Web

Discman is a Tron/Daft Punk inspired 2D puzzle platform game in which you play a character known as "Danny Crask", a former Discus champion who is down on life. He must fulfill his destiny and complete the trials laid out ahead of him by his mysterious captors. 

Super Mexican Standoff

Super Mexican Standoff - Party - PC

Winner of the "Best Presentation Award" at Dublin Gamecraft V, Super Mexican Standoff is an ultra-violent, multiplayer party game for 2/4 players. featuring randomly generated environmental hazards, multiple game types and lots of hidden extras.

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